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Cultural Studies and Asia

* We will hold a Welcome Party on 4 July, 18:30-20:30. Everyone is
welcome to participate in this party.

Halal dishes and vegetarian food will also be served.

* Please buy tickets for the party at the admission counter. Price is

* VENUE: Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Cafeteria and Dning Hall

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Date: July 3-5, 2009

Venue: Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Tokyo
*How to Access (To TUFS Webpage)

Co-organizers: Cultural Typhoon and the Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society
                         Northeast Asia History Foundation

Entrance Fee:

General registration (to attend panel sessions):
Salaried workers ¥5000 / Students, Non-permanent workers ¥2000

* Those attending panels will be given a nametag and program when they
pay their registration fee. Those without nametags will be unable to
participate in panel discussions. The nametags is available during the conference period (3-5 July).


Cinema and Booths only: Free

* All attendees should register their names on arrival at the registration desk.
* Those attending panels will be given a nametag and program when they
pay their registration fee. Those without nametags will be unable to
participate in panel discussions.
* Cultural Typhoon registration fees have been set to cover the actual
administrative costs of the conference. Your cooperation and
understanding is appreciated.


Entering the 7th year for the Cultural Typhoon and the 10th for the publication of Inter-Asia Cultural Studies journal, we decided to hold a joint conference in Tokyo to reflect on the past and present practices of Cultural Studies in Asia and to look towards the future.

In the past seven years, Cultural Typhoon has gradually established a reputation for its flexibility and openness to make connections with critical social forces. It has created an attractive space not only for graduate students and teachers to present their research in progress, but also for different projects and concerns to intermingle. In short, in Japan and beyond, Cultural Typhoon has become a symbol for alternative modes of intellectual work and critical engagement.

Since the late 1990s, the Inter-Asia Cultural Studies (IACS) project has worked towards the imagination and possibilities of diverse forms of intellectual integrations in Asia. Besides publishing intellectual work produced out of Asia since 2000, the IACS has also organized various forms of activities to contribute to interaction in Asia. In 2004, an Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society (IACSS) was formed in response to meet the growing demand of younger intellectuals to expand the scale of interactions in and across the region. The 2009 Tokyo Conference is the second meeting to provide a platform so that scholars and intellectuals can meet each other to discuss and analyze urgent issues emerging in the region.

Looking retrospectively, in July 2002, when members of the Inter-Asia Cultural Studies joined the “New Dimensions in Cultural Studies: Media, War and Globalization” held in University of Tokyo, during the typhoon season, this was the first moment of encounter between IACS and Cultural Typhoon, which was officially launched in 2003. The overlapping membership has ever since maintained intimate relation between the two projects. And we hope this reunion in 2009 can further the links and generate productive results.

We welcome critical contributions to review cultural studies practices in different locations as well as to imagine new possibilities.