On the Success of Inter-Asia-Cultural Typhoon 2009 To all those of you who participated in the Inter-Asia Cultural Typhoon 2009, held between July 3rd to July 5th! To all of the student staff committee, organizing committee, and the volunteer staff who wholeheartedly supported this event! And to the rest of you who, from a distance, warmly supported the event!
 We can confidently state that Cultural Typhoon 2009 successfully created a brilliantly critical public space, and after the curtain fell, the unparalleled accomplishments were obvious. The Organizing Committee is continuing to receive rave reviews and excited words of praise from the participants. We are reading these messages not as polite words of thanks, but as a realization of solidarity, obtained from this exciting intellectual exchange between partners in Asia. Our Cultural Typhoon brought about a huge cultural impact, equal to that of a large-scale typhoon.
 The dedication of our young student staff before and during the event was nothing less than impressive. With the support of the students’ careful planning, the panel discussions, exhibition booths, the Cinema Typhoon film showings and discussions all responded with great enthusiasm. While it is true that the members of the Organizing Committee and the Student-Staff Committee are currently suffering from post festum lethargy, but at the same time, they are experiencing an increasing sense of accomplishment. For the scholarly network in Asia, this Cultural Typhoon 2009 may become a watershed moment, shaping the narrative as “pre-2009” and “post-2009.” Such impressive results need to be sustained and carried over to the edited publication project “Reading Asia through Cultural Studies (tentative title)” which plans to incorporate the myriad outcomes of the event.
  Through this meeting, we were able to verify the latent abilities of the youth and demonstrate the real potential and possibilities for cultural studies. Above all, our cultural studies research and cultural praxis was filled with power and energy to construct the future.

 I hope that such positive prognosis will be taken back to everyone’s localities, both in Japan and to the variety of sites in Asia. I hope we will all meet again. Our future is not altogether worthless. There is still hope for our future.

09. July 2009, Tokyo

                  Cultural Typhoon 2009 Executive Committee