Open Call for Cinema Typhoon 2009

Special Program
Sat. 4th July @Room 115
15:00-16:30 Film Screening ”Occupation 101”

“Solidarity with Palestine:The Movement to End Israeli Apartheid in the U.S.”

Setsu Shigematsu(University of California, Riverside)
Satoshi Ukai (Hitotsubashi University)

Takeshi Kimoto (Cornell University)


newprogram summary !

Cinema Typhoon 2009, a joint event of Inter-Asia Cultural Typhoon 2009, calls for films to show during the conference on 3-5 July 2009.

What is Cinema Typhoon 2009?

Cinema Typhoon 2009 aims to create a space in which the audience can watch films in a different way than in a usual theater.
Most theaters have chairs in a line facing a screen. Such theaters hope that each audience member watches the film quietly, never interfering with others and then leave right away when it ends.
Instead, why don’t we have a discussion after the film, and try to express our own feelings about the film while we are watching it? This is not an easy thing to do, and may translate into words like joy, sadness, cheerfulness, discomfort, compassion, jealousy, antipathy, affection and so on. Why don’t we seek shared expression that can be reciprocal, light-heartedly exchanged and stimulate our thinking and never become an ordinary kind of annotation to the film?
At Cinema Typhoon 2009, we aim to produce such a space. We call for such stimulating films and for various participants regardless of nationality, social status, generation or gender.
What is the meaning and the potentiality of not only the exchanged comments, but also of the space itself where the collision of such words takes place? Will the collision be just limited to the closed theater, or will it effect the activity of each audience member outside? If so, how?
Thus, Cinema Typhoon 2009 will be an event which involves not only the film directors and promoters but also the audience.

Cinema Typhoon 2009 intends to be a space where various views from various people about various things are allowed. We also want to make some loose connections between disparate traces of thinking in order to foster more constructive and interdisciplinary exchange. Therefore, we have come up with a single theme for this event: Swarm.

When, how, why and who gather? Whenever we start to think about it, there always functions a certain kind of cultural politics. Of course all kinds of genres of films are welcome, but we hope that they in some way engage with the theme of Swarm.

Cinema Typhoon 2009 will be highly beneficial to both film directors and audience members. It costs nothing but a small amount of effort and money. Anyone can take up this opportunity.